Fears to Fathom is an episodic psychological horror game where each episode unveils a short story narrated by the ones who survived. 

In the first episode of Fears to Fathom you play as Miles, a 14-year-old kid who is home alone while his parents are out of town for work. He soon finds himself in trouble as the story unfolds.

Holly Gardner, a 19 year old on an interstate drive experiences unusual happenings that leads to an unplanned stay at a motel, little did she know what was transpiring down in Norwood Valley.

Noah Baker, an 18-year-old highschooler experiences unsettling occurrences while house-sitting for a media personality, Little did he know what was about to come. 

Jack Nelson, a 24-year-old fire lookout, transferred to a new outpost. As he settled into his new home, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was off, little did he know what was transpiring down in Ironbark State Park.